The main reason why the Eagles can’t trade for Yannick Ngakoue

If the Philadelphia Eagles don’t find some extra money, this team could be in shambles.


Quite frankly, the Eagles outlook financially for the 2021 season looks awful. According to Over the Cap, the Eagles are currently projected to be $25 million over the salary cap next season, while the other 31 teams are projected to be under the threshold.


The Eagles have many contracts that are structured in a way that hurts the team financially. For example, Darius Slay’s cap hit is $4.3 million this year, but $15.75 million next year. Another example is Jason Hargrave who takes a $3.4 million hit this season, but $15.2 million next year. Even Rodney McLeod goes from $1.65 million this season to $5.2 million next year.


Don’t get us started on the cap hit from quarterback Carson Wentz, which is expected to be around $35 million, and Fletcher Cox’s $22.4 million hit.


There are some ways the team can find ways to create financial flexibility. For starters, cutting Alshon Jeffery would be a start, which would open up $7 million in cap space. However, that would still leave $5.8 million in dead money. Cutting DeSean Jackson would free up $5 million, but leave $5.8 million in dead money.

A combined $16.8 million in dead money is not ideal, but $13 million in cap space is much needed right now.


For these reasons, Eagles fans should count themselves out of the Yannick Ngakoue sweepstakes. The star pass rusher, who has finished with at least 8.0 sacks over the last four years, is expected to be traded by the Jaguars.


All in all, the team will not be able to afford him.

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