Brett Favre Makes Prediction For Aaron Rodgers’ Future With Packers

Brett Favre makes bold prediction about Aaron Rodgers’ future with Green Bay


Fifteen years ago, Brett Favre went through a similar ordeal.


Favre was an established veteran with the Green Bay Packers when the team used the No. 24 overall pick on Aaron Rodgers in the 2005 NFL Draft. It was a shocking move that led to three years of tension between the two quarterbacks.


It eventually led to Favre abruptly retiring as Rodgers took over.


Since that time, Rodgers and Favre are on good terms, but Favre talked to ESPN Rob Demovsky about how Rodgers is in the same boat. In the 2020 NFL Draft, the Packers traded up to select Utah State’s Jordan Love despite lacking talent on offense and making the NFC Championship last year.


In Favre’s eyes, his former backup will end his career elsewhere just like him.

Favre continued: “I think that Aaron will finish somewhere else, that’s my gut.”, via Demovsky. “Guarantee you it’s got the wheels turning in Aaron’s mind. If that’s the case it means there’s a chip on his shoulder toward the organization that was not there.”


Favre finished his career with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings after coming out of his early retirement.


According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the Packers are not going to realistically be able to move Rodgers this season. Graziano broke down the cap hit situation on ESPN’s Get Up.


“Yeah, pretty much impossible at this point. If they were to trade him now, very hypothetically, it is more than $51 million in dead money on this year’s salary cap. It would actually add $29 million to this year’s cap. They don’t have that cap room to do it if they even want it to. If they trade him next year, you’re looking at $31 million in dead money. A trade of Aaron Rodgers out of Green Bay is pretty impossible this year, and would be extremely painful for the team next year.”


Graziano laid out one way that a trade could happen.

“If you were to do it this time next year, you’d have to be sure Rodgers was done, and Jordan Love was absolutely ready to go and be a star in the NFL in 2021. So asking for a trade is very far fetched, and quite frankly, kind of an insane overreaction. Aaron Rodgers has been there since 2005, he’s played in four NFC Championship Games. The notion that the Packers aren’t are not Aaron Rodgers in a position to win and succeed and win championships is just not supported by the facts.”

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