Clowney nearly signed with this NFL team

According to this latest update, former No. 1 overall pick and Seattle Seahawk Jadeveon Clowney could let his free agency status drag into the summer.


The former star out of South Carolina nearly signed with the Cleveland Browns, but this report outlines that Clowney is ready to sit and wait.


“He could wait a while, is the sentiment I get. He’s turned down offers from multiple teams,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said on SportsCenter. “He did get close to signing with the (Cleveland) Browns at one point. It didn’t materialize. Now he’s in a position to let this drag into the summer, sign with a team that desperately needs a pass rusher, maybe that has some injuries because he’s had his core muscle surgery a couple months ago. That sort of affected things. If he waits until the summer, he knows that he’ll be fully healthy.


“He won’t have to worry about taking an independent physical,” Fowler continued.  “He can go do so with a team in their facility and get things done. That way, he believes his value might be higher a couple months from now than it is at the current state.”


According to ProFootballTalk’s Tony Pauline, the New York Jets are a preferred choice of Clowney.


“Those close to the situation tell me the Jets have been “fishing around” Clowney and if they are serious about acquiring him and put forth a good offer, then they have a legitimate shot.  People in his camp tell me Clowney would love to play for a big market team such as the Jets. That being the case, I’m told it’s expected to be a long process and nothing is imminent.”

Before the report, it was said that only four teams had interest in Clowney. Clowney has been on the market for longer than he has expected. While the former No. 1 overall pick sought out $20 million, teams like the Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers have shied away from the pass rusher.

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