Raiders new stadium completion take a hit with diagnosis of COVID-19

The construction of Allegiant Stadium is a day-to-day operation, but the final due date took a hit.


According to KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, four additional construction workers contracted the coronavirus. As of Tuesday, that brings the total number of workers with COVID-19 to seven.


Those who work on the site are not required to wear protective face masks. According to project manager, Mortenson-McCarthy, the workers have been following social distancing guidelines. However, the statement also mentioned that a total of 4,000 contributors have been on site.


“All cases were limited in contact with others on site pursuant to strict social distancing protocols in place. We continue to collaborate with local labor groups and take immediate precautions to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission,” read part of the statement.


The Raiders already have a backup plan if things don’t go according to schedule.


According to Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, one of those options could be San Diego, Phoenix, or Salt Lake City if construction is pushed into the fall.


“Before signing their final lease with the Oakland Coliseum last offseason, the Raiders investigated options that included playing games in Salt Lake City, Phoenix and San Diego, and it is realistic to think that all of those options could be resurrected,” said Bonsignore. “A person close to the situation, however, indicated that scenario remains the most unlikely and would only be triggered in an absolute worst-case scenario.”


San Diego is an interesting option given that the Chargers left the city for Los Angeles. Would they welcome their intra-divisional rival with open arms?


As for Phoenix, it would mean that the Raiders would have to share State Farm Stadium with the Arizona Cardinals. As for Salt Lake City, the Raiders would have to share Rice-Eccles Stadium with the Utah Utes college football team.


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