Video: Former Eagles RB chirps back at Andy Reid’s comments

Brian Westbrook quickly took offense.


The former Philadelphia Eagle played for Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid from 2002-2009. During that tenure, he was one of many faces of the Eagles franchise.


Westbrook appeared to be in shock when a quote from Reid circulated around the world. According to Reid, he claimed that first-round pick, LSU’s Clyde Edwards-Healire, is already better than Westbrook at the position.


“Brett Veach told Andy Reid to watch some Clyde Edwards-Helaire film and told Reid you’ll see Brian Westbrook,” via NFL Network’s James Palmer. “Reid watched. Then got back to Veach and said he’s better than Westbrook.”

Westbrook acknowledged that Reid already apologized to him, but was shocked back at those comments. On FS1’s First Things First, Westbrook made an appearance and brought out his 2007 Eagles Most Valuable Offensive Player trophy.


Westbrook also explained how he worked hard to get to where he was and that it was “alarming” that his former coach said a rookie was better than him. Given that Reid apologized, it’s hard to believe that both Reid and Veach were trying to diminish what Westbrook accomplished.


Not to mention, Reid is not someone that picks fights with players. He is well-known to be loved by his players, current and former.


The media can twist words out of proportion. This was just another example of that happening.

However, if the words were true, Westbrook was ready to battle anyone that claimed it.

In the  NFL, Westbrook was a two-time Pro Bowler (2004 and 2007). In 2007, he was named First-Team All-Pro after he rushed, 1,333 yards and seven touchdowns. He is a member of the Eagles Hall of Fame and 75th Anniversary Team.


In college, he attended Villanova, where he was the Walter Payton Award winner in 2001, as well as a two-time Atlantic 10 Player of the Year on offense.


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